I’ve been reading a lot recently about September being the new January and I couldn’t agree more. It’s the perfect time for a fresh start. In the UK, September is the start of the new school year and the start of a new season – hello Autumn, so it does feel a bit like a second new year.

Although I believe you can incorporate new healthy habits into your life anytime you want to, I know for some people, tagging it on to a particular date/event can increase motivation. I often start something new on a Monday or the first of the month and I’m a sucker for new year resolutions. So, I thought I would embrace September as the new January with a September challenge. But unlike January which is often about deprivation and diets, I wanted my September challenge to be about starting healthy, beneficial habits so I’m going to be doing a challenge I’m calling #septemberstarts.

Now I know it’s already the 10th of the month, but I’ve been away for much of the beginning of September so I’ve not been in my normal routine (yes, I know, excuses excuses). But now I’m at home for a while from Monday so I’m going to use the rest of September to start some new habits and restart some lapsed ones! These include:

  1. Networking: I’m not a natural networker. I feel awkward amongst new people and struggle to make small talk, so, I avoid it! But I’ve got my own business so it’s important I get out there and network. This month I’m going to push myself outside my comfort zone and get out there to network in the hope of pushing my business forward.
  2. Netball: Before I was diagnosed with CFS I used to play netball regularly. It was something I had done at school and then I played with friends in a social league for a few years in London. Fear has stopped me going back because after nearly 5-years out of the game, I’m not sure if I will still know how to play or if I’ll be fit enough! But this month I am going to overcome that fear and hopefully join a friendly social league that will be suitable for re-beginners like me!!
  3. Yoga: This is a healthy habit which helped me through my illness as it was the only form of exercise I could do while I was recovering. When we lived in London there was a fantastic yoga studio near us which had great teachers and classes you could drop into without booking which was perfect for me. I think it will be a tough act to follow and perhaps that is one of the reasons I’ve put off finding a new yoga studio/class! But I know how beneficial yoga is to my mental and physical health so I want to get back into a regular habit/routine. My focus this month is finding the right yoga studio or class for me. If you have any recommendations in St Albans please let me know!!
  4. Meal Planning and batch cooking: I want to start practising what I preach! I often tell clients about the benefit of meal planning to prevent slipping on healthy eating habits, as well as keeping food waste to a minimum, but I struggle to stick to this habit myself. This month I want to plan all our meals and stick to that plan to see if that helps me make life simpler and keep our food costs down.

To see how I get on with my #septemberstarts challenge make sure you follow me on Instagram and Facebook. And I would love to hear about any healthy habits you start this September in the comments below or tag me on social media.

Get out there and make your September the healthiest yet!

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