The weather for the last few months has been changeable to say the least! From pouring rain to a mini heat wave and back to cold grey days again. But according to the calendar it’s the beginning of July – although the weather is more spring than summer like today, so it’s time to share my favourites from June. Last month I was transitioning my website over to a new site so I didn’t post any blogs so this month I’m going to share my May and June favourites in a double whammy post!


 Classic white converse. I’m in the process of trying to streamline my wardrobe to create a capsule wardrobe. As the summer weather hit I decided I needed a summerier but equally practical and comfortable pair of everyday trainers to wear instead of my black Nikes. I’ve always loved converse and used to have a pair in silver. I hadn’t made a conscious decision to buy a pair of converse but on a day trip to Hitchin I saw a pair of classic white converse on sale and knew they would be the perfect addition to my wardrobe and I couldn’t have been more right. So on this occasion my impulse buy paid off! I’ve been wearing them loads as they look great with jeans, leggings, shorts, or dresses and are just so comfy and easy to wear.


New Matt & Nat rucksack. If you read my March Favourites blog you’ll have heard me raving about my Matt & Nat rucksack. Well I loved it so much that when I saw this baby pink one on sale in Urban Outfitters I couldn’t resist. I admit it was another slightly impulsive purchase but I love it because it adds a pop of colour to any outfit and feels far more appropriate for summer than the black one! It’s a slightly different style and doesn’t have a laptop pocket but still fits my laptop in its case and everything else I need to work remotely or for a day trip into London. Perfect.


Neptune basket

For me having a calm and organised space helps me to feel calm and organised. In our old house I knew where everything was, and everything had a place. But since moving everything is a little chaotic and I’ve found the clutter and disorganisation hard to deal with. I’m forever losing things and there is some stuff I haven’t seen since the move! So I’m taking small steps to get organised again. I like to have a box beside the front door for ‘important bits’ you would need when you go out. E.g. keys, sunglasses/umbrella, earphones, wallet etc. I’ve found it saves a lot of time – particularly in the morning because as long as everyone puts their stuff in the basket when they come in, it will be there when they want to go out again. We already had one box like this in place which we were using to good effect but which was becoming cluttered. So I decided to get a second one so we have one for my stuff and one for my fiancées stuff!


Everlong Chalk Paint

My partner and I love a bit of upcycling, taking a good quality piece of second hand furniture and bringing it back to life. There is a huge amount of satisfaction in sourcing and repurposing something which someone else saw as ‘junk’, and more often than not you end up with a better quality piece of furniture then if you had just bought a new piece, because they don’t make furniture like they used to! Plus you can guarantee it will be unique. In the past we’ve spent days sanding and priming wooden furniture to get the look we wanted but just recently we came across this chalk paint. The lady in the shop told me you could paint it directly on to any piece of furniture and it would cover it. I was dubious to say the least. But we bought a tester and gave it a go on a dresser we bought from a second hand furniture shop. It was a horrific orange pine before and now is a cool ‘lady grey’ and fits in much better with the rest of our décor. It’s not the cheapest paint on the market but it took us just 1 small tin and 2 days to complete this dresser so given the time and energy saved I think it’s well worth paying that bit more for!


She Means Business by Carrie Green As many of you already know I’m in the process of setting up my own business. It’s been a difficult challenge and at times I lose faith in my own ability to achieve what I dream of. I was recommended this book and although it’s been slow going reading it because I never make the time to read, every time I do pick it up I feel inspired to keep going and fight through the doubts because I know, if I believe my dream really could become a reality.


Leap Year by Helen Russell I read Helen’s first book ‘A year of living Danishly’ – an insider’s view on why Denmark is the happiest country in the world a few years ago. Her new book is about how to embrace and conquer change – something I’ve been experiencing a lot of over the last few months! I’m only half way through but already there have been some useful and interesting insights so if you too find yourself in a transition period it might well be worth a read for you too.



Use Less on You Tube

I feel like I’m a bit late to the whole You Tube scene but after having to film my own videos as part of my Honestly Healthy Ambassadorship I started watching ‘You Tubers’ to inspire me! I’ve come across a few which I now watch regularly for lifestyle inspiration and one of my favourites is USE LESS – a Danish girl making videos on living a minimalism life with a capsule wardrobe, something I aspire to. If you’re interested in minimalism, capsule wardrobes or just want to see how a very stylish Dane lives I highly recommend her videos.


Please note I have no affiliation with the brands/items above and these are not paid endorsements. These are genuinely my personal choice of things I have been loving over the last month and which I hope you might find value from too. 


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