I’ve not done a ‘favourites’ blog before but thought it would be a good way to share with you some of the things I’ve been eating, wearing, reading or been inspired by over the last month. As this is my first post there may be some items which technically I discovered more than a month ago but hey – who’s counting?!

Eating & Drinking…

If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably already seen me share the first two but I love them so much I think they’re worth sharing again!

Equinox Kombucha – specifically Raspberry & Elderflower flavour

Kombucha is a lightly fizzy fermented tea. I know sounds odd but trust me on this one. Fermented foods provide probiotic (good bacteria) for our gut, and have been shown to improve overall wellbeing. After a horrible case of Noro Virus in December (less said about that the better!) I’ve been upping the amount of fermented food in my diet to try and rebuild my gut. When I first tried kombucha I wasn’t a huge fan. It tasted sour and odd, but push past that first taste and you’ll be hooked. There are a variety of flavours and brands of kombucha available from most good health food shops. But I like the sweetness of the Equinox elderberry and raspberry kombucha and it doesn’t break the bank at £1.90 a bottle (price at As Nature Intended March 2017). Finally, a fizzy, tasty, non-alcoholic drink which isn’t packed with sugar and is even good for me!

Nush Almond Yoghurt

Big thank you to Natural Nourishment for the tip on this one. I avoid dairy – mostly, but really miss yoghurt so have been on the lookout for a non-soya, dairy-free option. I personally find the coconut yoghurts on the market too sweet, but this almond yoghurt by Nush Foods really hits the spot.  There are a variety of flavours available and I can personally recommend: blueberry, caramel & hibiscus and classic plain. It’s a great addition to a morning bowl of porridge or as a sweet treat after dinner. Not the cheapest at £1.95 for 125g but just means I have to ration myself which is probably not a bad thing!

Pret Rooibos & Cacao Tea

I’m a BIG herbal tea fan and find it frustrating that in most places if you want herbal tea, your choices are normally: green, peppermint, or a fruit tea (which is just not my kind of tea). So, I was ecstatic to find this rooibos & cacao tea in pret. I first discovered it when buying a tea for a train journey at the beginning of the month but have already deliberately gone back to Pret twice more to be able to have this tea! Now if only other hot beverage establishments would follow suit with some more interesting herbal tea offerings.


Over the last few weeks I’ve embarked on building an ethical capsule wardrobe. It’s still a work in progress and I will do a more detailed post on it another time, but here are some of the items I purchased in the last month which I’m particularly pleased with.

Matt & Nat Rucksack

Now if you’re a fashion aficionado you’ll probably tell me I’m a little late to the rucksack trend but hey, I’m fashionably late!! I’ve wanted a smart but functional bag for a while but haven’t been able to find quite the right thing. It needed to be able to fit my laptop and other bits but I didn’t want it to look like a laptop bag. I decided to opt for a rucksack as I’m travelling and working from all over the place now so often find myself lugging my ‘office’ wherever I go and my back was not happy with me. After a little google search I came across Matt (material) & Nat (nature), a socially responsible, ethical and vegan brand. A quick search through their rucksacks and I fell in love with the Mat & Nat FABI in black. It wasn’t cheap at £130 but I wanted it to be an investment piece which would last so I decided to go for it. Once it arrived I was so pleased I did. It’s sleek, sits well on my back and shoulders, fits everything I could need and has an expandable section which means it can fit even more if needed. There is a padded laptop section and two small zip compartments. If I was being picky, I would have liked more sections within the bag to help me compartmentalise my things, but that could just be my OCD side coming out!

People Tree Stripy T-shirt

Spring is finally here! As part of my capsule wardrobe project I identified that I wanted some more simple basic t-shirts. A lot of my wardrobe (to my mother’s despair) is black, white and grey. It just makes it easier to get things to match! But I thought I would start to branch out and add a little colour to my life. So, I bought a t-shirt with coloured stripes. Crazy I know! This t-shirt is a beautiful soft organic cotton by People Tree. The stripes are a coral-red which matches perfectly with a coral cardigan I already own (it’s almost like I planned it!!) And it was on sale – bonus! I’ve already got so much wear out of it already and just putting it on brings a smile to my face. It’s definitely going to be a staple in my spring/summer wardrobe.

Fuelled by Veg Tank from Jade Green Vegan

I met Jade at the Kingston Yoga and Vegan festival – she had the stall behind mine (I was there promoting Quinoa Crack – check out this post to learn more about Crack!). She runs her own vegan t-shirt company and I fell in love with this dusty green ‘Fuelled by Veg’ tank – see more colour mum!! I’m now 100% vegetarian so loved the sentiment of the message on the tank as well as the ethos of the brand and the lady behind it. I find it so inspiring to meet other like-minded people who are also following their dreams. Go for it Jade!

Natural make-up

Again, I’ve already shared my natural make-up haul on Instagram but wanted to share in more detail the things I’ve added to help detox my make-up bag…

W3ll People Mascara – I had been using the Dr Hauschka mascara but found that it wasn’t giving me the lash volume I wanted and after a few hours I felt like it had all rubbed off. The w3ll people mascara recommended at Content Beauty definitely has more volume to it and seems to stay put! Win-win.

Juicy Beauty Lip gloss in shade 05 bikini

After buying and then losing an expensive chemical free lip gloss I had gone back to bad habits of using high street brands on the rare occasion I wore anything beyond lip balm on my lips. But given that this product is likely to end up on my tongue, I thought it was quite an important one to change up ASAP. So far I’ve only worn the Juice Beauty lip gloss a couple of times but it does the job and it’s nice to know if I do accidentally ‘eat’ some – it’s not adding to my chemical load!

Intensae Nail varnish in Heather

I love having painted nails but I don’t love the chemical nature of most polishes on the market. As part of my ‘November Clutter Challenge’ I ditched most of my toxic nail varnishes, keeping a few colours I loved. But in truth I haven’t worn any of them. I had a manicure at Christmas as a little treat but other than that my nails have been bare. I was excited to find this Intensae nail varnish and they had a beautiful bright pink colour – which should liven up my monochrome wardrobe!!​


The Nature of Beauty by Imelda Burke

Now you’ll be able to spot a theme here…this book was a Christmas gift and I’ve looked through it but not read it in detail. It was one thing which inspired by natural beauty haul at Content Beauty (founded by Imelda) and my desire to start making my own products – watch this space for more on that in another post.


This month is also Tricast month where people are supposed to recommend Podcasts. So although these are technically podcasts I’ve been listening to for a while I thought I would share them with you today as things which I find inspiring.

Happier with Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft

I first discovered Gretchen Rubin when I listened to her book The Happiness Project while recovering from CFS. It made me rethink how I approached making myself and my life happier so I love listening to weekly tips and ideas from Gretchen and her sister on the Happier podcast.

Optimal Living Daily by Justin Malik

Hats off to Justin he’s read a blog post about living a more meaningful, happier, healthier life every day for the last 476 days (and counting). He basically chooses from his favourite blogs and reads them on the podcast so each episode of Optimal Living Daily is usually only 5-10 minutes. Some are more relevant or inspiring than others for me but I enjoy being able to listen while doing something else, cleaning the kitchen (normally), rather than having to find the time to sit down and read these blogs. Now all I need to do is get him to read all the ones on my reading list and saved on my Facebook!

So, when I started this post I thought it would be a short and simple list but it appears I had more to say than I thought! Let me know if you like this post and I’ll do another for April. For now get out and enjoy that Spring sunshine!

Please note none of these products are paid endorsements. These are genuinely my personal choice of things I have been loving over the last month and which I hope you might find valuable too.

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