On the day of writing this the weather is cold, grey and feels like it’s about to chuck it down, so it’s hard to believe it’s August, but it is which means it’s time for my July Favourites!

July was a quieter month work wise which meant I had more time to shop and try new items – obvious pros and cons to this! But it does mean I’ve got a lot of favourites to share with you this month!

First up is the collection of goodies I got from the Love Natural Love You / Allergy and Free From shows at the beginning of the month…


Nush Cashew Milk Yoghurt

You may remember back in March the Nush Almond Yoghurts made it on to my favourites list. When I heard they had released a cashew nut version I was extremely excited to try it. So at the event I stocked up on a variety of flavours of both the cashew and almond yoghurt at a discount – bonus! If you’re trying to avoid dairy and like me find coconut yoghurt a little too sweet these yoghurts are creamy winners in my book. Great to top morning porridge, have with homemade granola or as an simple ready to go afternoon snack.

Kefir Zing – kefir water

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll already know I’m a big advocate of probiotic foods and drinks which help keep the gut healthy. My usual favourite probiotic drink is kombucha – see march favourties for my top brand. And I’ve tried milk kefir before but had never tried kefir water so was keen to sample Kefir Zing and bought 3 bottles. Personally, I still prefer kombucha as I like the fizziness of it and for me the flavours in this brand of kefir water weren’t as punchy as the kombuchas I have tried. But for those who struggle with the bitter taste of kombucha and can’t tolerate any dairy kefir, kefir water is a good option to get some gut friendly probiotics into your system.


Earth Conscious Natural Deodorant

I’m still working on swapping all my beauty products to chemical free, natural options. I had a romantic view that I would make all my own products (ha!) As that hasn’t happened the Love Natural show was the perfect place to check out some new products. Natural deodorants are something I’ve struggled to find a good version of. I often felt they didn’t keep sweaty smells at bay – especially in the summer or when I was working out. But anytime I used a non-natural deodorant, I felt dirty in a different way. I knew I was putting hormone disrupting and potentially carcinogenic chemicals in one of the most delicate places of my body. When I saw the Earth Conscious deodorant I was keen to give it a try and I’m so pleased I did. At £10 for 2 tins it was cheaper than a lot of natural deodorants on the market and most importantly it does the job! I wore it on a very hot day in July and…no smelly armpits! Success.

KINN Natural Cleaning Products

As with natural beauty products I have the same desire to use chemical free/natural cleaning products in our home. I’ve made my own kitchen spray a few times – and will share that recipe soon. But beyond that I normally buy expensive big brand eco-products from the supermarket, which I don’t think are as clean as they appear to be. I’m often looking for alternatives and love supporting small companies, plus I fell in love with the branding on the KINN products (yes, I’m a sucker for good branding). I bought their full household range which included: kitchen spray, bathroom spray, floor cleaner and washing-up liquid (£15 for all four so not bad value for natural products). I’ve tried all but the washing up liquid so far and was very pleased with both the cleaning abilities and the smells. The floor cleaner even managed to make the perpetually dirty kitchen floor in our rental property look clean, which takes some doing!

Now on to some products I didn’t get at the show…


Carrot cake jars

If you missed my July recipe go back and check it out because I’ve been eating these carrot cake jars all the time recently (well recipe testing always means lots of leftover food which needs to be eaten!) They are perfect as an afternoon snack or for breakfast because they’re a balance of carbs, fat and all important protein which will keep you full until lunch. Yes, you can have cake for breakfast!


Again my March Favourites (everything was going on in March!) I shared my first Intensae Nail Varnish which I got in my Content Beauty make-up haul. While I loved the fact that it was chemical free, I found it chipped easily. But rather than give up I went in search of a base and top coat to see if that would help. On the Intensae website I found both a quick drying base coat and a 7-day gel top coat. I was so excited to give these a try…and couldn’t help adding a second colour into the order too XXX (pictured). I’m so pleased I tried again with this product. With the base and top coat the nail varnish easily stayed put for 6-7 days. What’s more it was easy to apply, dried very quickly – far quicker than chemical products – extra bonus and means I can have beautiful nails without having to worry about the chemicals going into my body. Win, win, win.

What new natural, healthy products or recipes have you tried this month or would you recommend I try? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

Please note I have no affiliation with the brands/items above and these are not paid endorsements. These are genuinely my personal choice of things I have been loving over the last month and which I hope you might find value from too.

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