Today is small business Saturday. A day to celebrate small business across the UK. As the owner of a small business myself (whoop!) I thought I would take today as an opportunity to be kind to myself and rather than looking at what I hadn’t achieved business wise yet I would celebrate what I have achieved. So yes this is a bit of a self-indulgent post but read on for some inspiration on how and why you should take care of yourself too!

I first heard of small business Saturday just over a year ago at a networking event I attended in Chiswick (back when I lived in London). There were lots of entrepreneurs who had set up flourishing small businesses and here I was just starting out on my journey. It was totally inspirational and I set myself some business goals there and then. I decided I could and would make my little business a success.

Over the last 12-months a lot has changed in my life – we’ve moved to a completely new area and got a puppy to name just two! But despite all that I’ve still managed to establish my business and when I stop and think about it I’m actually super proud of myself.

Okay, so maybe I don’t have as many social media followers as some of my peers and maybe I don’t have my whole business plan sorted, and there are also some days and weeks when I get totally overwhelmed by it all. But we all spend too much time comparing ourselves to others and looking at the negatives, this post is about celebrating the successes. So here are some of mine:

  • I’ve got a website which works (mostly) and looks I think pretty smart and professional
  • I’m promoting my business through social media, blogs and old school leaflets
  • I’ve joined networking groups and really pushed myself out of my comfort zone (I’m not a natural networker)
  • I’ve started developing more recipes and creating content for the blog which inspires me – and hopefully other people.
  • Most importantly I’ve helped other people take control of their health, change the food they eat, the way they live and the thoughts they have which positive effects. For me that was always my biggest goal. Yes, I want to make a living from this but more than that I want to make a difference and help everyone be kinder to themselves, and I am, little by little.

We all spend too much time dwelling on the things we haven’t achieved, what still needs to be done and not enough time showing ourselves some kindness and giving ourselves the support we need to shine. One of the best things I did to help my business this year was to admit I needed help! I worked with an amazing business coach Laura Agar Wilson who has helped me find my confidence and focus with the business as well as giving me some well needed accountability!

Our health is one of the biggest personal assets we have and if we don’t take care of our health it’s going to be a lot harder to get anything else on the ‘to-do’ list done. Sometimes the first step to taking control of your own health is to admit you need a little guidance. So, to help you show yourself a little kindness to yourself and to get the support you need, I’m offering 20% off all my services and packages for anyone who books before the 20th of December – which is when the EBB office (aka the desk in the corner of my living room) closes for Christmas. Consultations can be inJanuary 2018 but I do have limited availability for new clients so please contact me by emailing Bethany@eatbreathebelieve to arrange a free 15-minute no obligation chat to see if I can help you take care of your biggest personal asset – your health. Use code SBS17 when booking to get your discount!

Do you run a small business? I’d love to connect with you and celebrate what you’re doing. Leave a comment below or contact me via social media

Facebook: eatbreathebelieve
Instagram: @eat_breathe_believe
Twitter: @bethanyecox

T-shirt in photo from Om and Ah London. I’ve got no affiliation with them I just love this t-shirt!





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